Dyddiadur Bethan Gwanas typescript

(Advanced) The typescript is incomplete - it ends many sentences short. Please can we have a full typescript.

Which one are you talking about? (Dyddiadur Bethan Gwanas has 20 parts)

After checking the most recent one and finding it complete, I took a lucky guess and checked out the first one (Technoleg) and there is a tiny bit missing. Here is a transcript of the missing bit:

Felly dw i’n teimlo’n well, ond dw i’n dal i aros i glywed os ydy’r ferch oedd isio’r fidio wedi ei gael o drwy WeTransfer neu ddim. Dw i’n byw mewn gobaith. A dw i’n teimlo’n well rwan ar ol siarad efo chi. Hwyl!

But as you said there were “many sentences” missing, I am not sure if you aren’t talking about another episode with a more sizeable portion of the transcript missing. If that is the case, then please help us to help you by providing the chapter number.

I’ve also just gone back through the file for the latest one and it seems complete. As Hendrik has mentioned, If you could provide achapter number that would be great. Diolch!

Can I stick my nose in on this topic … firstly can I say that, and I’ve no idea how, I never even knew these existed. Ive now listened to most of them. :grinning:

Just to make you aware in the hope it’s an easy fix, the vocab file for number 11 is just a blank sheet. :+1:t2:

Sorry, I thought I’d put that it was pennod 1. Thanks so much. Well, to me, four sentences in Welsh = ‘many’! Hwyl.

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