Dydd Gŵyl Dewi - St David's Day 2022

It’s nearly time for our national day - Dydd Gŵyl Dewi - on March 1st. There will be parades and celebrations going on across Cymru. If you know of anything local to you, post it here to let others know.

Here’s some general information from the Menter Iaith organisation with a booklet you can download containing events from the different Menter Iaith areas:

St David’s Day with the Mentrau Iaith

If you use Facebook, there’s a group here that might interest you: Celebrate St David’s Day - Dathlwch Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

If you live near Coventry, there’s this opportunity to celebrate: Cymanfa Codi’r To

What will you be doing?


Just adding this from the Oxford group’s thread :grin:

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To find out more click the link below:


Menter Iaith Bangor

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The Welsh Society of Western New England
Cymdeithas Cymreig Lloegr Newydd Gorllewino
Website: WelshWNE.org
Annual St. David’s Day Luncheon

Sat., March 5, 2022: 11:00AM - 3:00PM at the Nutmeg Restaurant, East Windsor, CT
Join us in-person to celebrate St. David’s Day at 11AM for pre-lunch conversation and drinks from the cash bar, with hors d’oeuvres including cheese platter, fruit & vegetable cruditee. Finally gather with old friends and meet new ones. There will be time to shop at our tables: Welsh mugs, ties, music, cards, gifts and more. Have your photo taken with two of our Board members in Welsh national dress and find your Welsh roots on our map!
Current Covid protocol will be adhered to:

Lunch will be at 12:00 noon, following a video message from the First Minister of Wales. After a presentation on Y DDRAIG COCH (The Red Dragon) , we will be entertained by WILD NOTES, pictured left, a local folk band who have learned some Welsh tunes.
First prize ticket in a drawing wins a bottle of Penderyn Welsh Whisky or if you prefer a $40 gift certificate from UK Gourmet in Bethel, CT or a gift certificate for Welsh Cake goodies from the Copper Kettle Bakery (copperkettlebakery.com) who make the best Welsh Cakes you can buy!

We will end the program with the Welsh National Anthem.
Please return the RSVP form (page 16) by Monday, March 2. You may also RSVP via our website: WelshWNE.org/events

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Here is just a quick late note about a Saint David’s Day celebration in Delta Pennsylvania (USA) on Sunday, Feb, 27. It’s a special worship service at the Rehoboth Welsh Church at 2:30 PM at 1029 Atom Road. You can read a little about our church at the web site https://rehobothwelshchurch.weebly.com

You can even get a map and directions at Mapquest.com

The service is at 2:30 PM. We welcome new folks. I’d be happy to be in correspondence with anyone who might be interested.

Dave Busey (davebusey@yahoo.com)

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Here’s a fun quiz you can do online! It’s bilingual so everyone can have a go. How much do you know about St David, Wales, and Welsh celebrities?

Cwis Kahoot