Dw i'n eistedd i lawr a

I wanted to write this sentence in Welsh, “I am sitting down and taking time to write an email to you.”
So, I wrote this: “Dw i’n eistedd i lawr a cymryd amser i sgwennu e-bost i ti.”
After I wrote it, and thought about it, I’m now wondering about two things.

  1. Does the sentence convey the idea of " I am sitting" or does it actually say “I am sit”? And if it is “I am sit”, how do I fix it?
  2. Is there a mutation on cymryd?
    Thank you!

yes it does.

technically yes, a (and) causes an aspirate mutation on words beginning with c (and t and p!), so to be 100% correct, it should be “a chymryd”, but don’t panic about it - missing the mutation doesn’t change the sense of what you’re saying.


Thanks! Very helpful. Just at entry level and trying to write a few sentences of things I am (somewhat) able to say. I understand that most of my sentences are very stilted and probably awkward, but just trying to take baby steps to keep moving forward. I really appreciate the feedback; the forum is a great place to get help!:slightly_smiling_face: