Dw I'n dysgu Cymraeg Badges

Acen.co.uk are selling, I’m learning Welsh badges through Cafepress. Kinda have a diy culture vibe that I like.

Um, well, I’d rather have one with SSiW sign on but I didn’t find one in our shop which would match my “imagination”. :slight_smile: I’d like it more to be in this SSiW customized (by me) style

You can get Dysgu Cymraeg badges for free from your local Menter Iaith or if you are attending a Cymraeg i oedolion course your tiwtor will give one to you.

Yeah I sent them an email asking if they had any but haven’t had a reply yet, thanks though

Crying time :frowning:

I’m not in UK!!! :slight_smile:

And I WANT TO REPRESENT SSiW on every step I go!