Dw i'n confused rwan

I thought in Challenge 14 that I learned “Someone who told me” was “Rhywun ddudodd wrthaf fi” but, in Challenge 16, I think I heard the phrase “Someone who told me that you want to read that book today.” as “Rhywun wnaeth ddweud wrthaf fi…”
So, now I’m confused and need help. Does the phrase “Someone who told me” change for some reason? Thanks so much!

They’re the same in meaning : wnaeth ddweud (Preterite II) = ddudodd (Preterite I). :slight_smile:


Okay. Thank you. So are they interchangeable then? (Guess I’m going to have to research the difference between Preterite I and II) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, they are interchangeable…

Wnaeth dweud = did say

Dwedodd = said

…wnaeth is the past tense of gwneud = to do/ make…

…Dwedodd has a past tense ending changing the verb dweud ‘to say’ into said…

Rich :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!

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