Dw i newydd orffen Cwrs 2!

Just this morning I moved on to the first lesson of Cwrs 3 (North) (it feels almost like an old friend after the new Level 1, actually), and I wanted to just check in and express my gratitude to Aran and Catrin and Iestyn and Cat.

I’d long been interested in the Welsh language but never really thought I’d have a realistic chance to learn it. Last November I was wandering around the net looking for learning materials for Italian and somehow found myself exploring the twisty little passages on some polyglot website where someone made a passing reference to SSiW. I downloaded the first couple of lessons and was astonished by how much went in so quickly. It was immediately clear that this method would work if only there were enough material available.

I finished Cwrs 1 in a couple months, then gladly subscribed and was about to start Cwrs 2 when Level 1 appeared! I did that interleaved with Cwrs 2, and now here I am.

I’d planned on taking a week or so breather between finishing Cwrs 2 and starting 3, but that resolution only lasted for a day before I couldn’t wait to move on. I wonder if I’ll finish 3 before Level 2 comes out?

Diolch yn fawr iawn eto i Aran a ffrindiau


Llongyfarchiadau. There’s a lot of stuff you’ll find familiar in course 3; it’s the course that introduces the short forms you learned in Level 1 to the old course.

LLongyfarchiadau. Course 1, course 2, and the new course 1 in less than ten months. You don’t lose time.
And I can well understand that you couldn’t wait to start course 3. SSiW is addictive, isn’t it?

Many, many congratulations - that’s a remarkable achievement - and thank you very much indeed for your very kind words…:star:

We’ll have some Level 2 stuff ready for you before too long, as well…:wink:

And I’d like to add that the forum, the interesting conversations and observations, and the quick answers to questions are really an invaluable part of the whole SSi experience. I’ve learned a lot from the great people here. It really adds a lot to the course material itself.

Llongyfarchiadau Jeff! A great achievement. Hope you enjoy working through Course 3. :slight_smile:

Llongyfarchiadau! Brigitte is right, you don’t lose time, do you? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the encouragement, pawb.

@ Brigitte and @ Tahl:
I must say that I haven’t felt like I was hurrying or doing some kind of immersive experiment. I have a long commute to work (~ 1 1/2 hours each way) so that give me lots of time. I’ve settled on managing one lesson each work day, with weekends and holidays off. The vast majority of lessons I did twice (so once, then repeat the next day), a few only once, some three times, and a very small number (maybe three or four lessons) I felt like I needed a fourth pass through. So far on Course 3 I’m sticking with the two-times-through-then-onward approach.