Dw i’n moyn

This course (which is fab) has taught me to say Dw i’n moyn for I want. But all my friends tell me that the correct phrase is dw i eisiau. Help?

Both these phrases are correct, it’s just that they are used in different areas - some will say “dwi’n moyn” and some will say “dwi eisiau”. A broad generalisation is that you’ll hear ‘moyn’ used more in the South.
Use whichever you feel comfortable with, and if you feel happier swapping to the one your friends use, that’s no problem - at least you’ll recognise both forms when you hear them :slight_smile:


Adar o’r unlliw hedant i’r unlle. Birds of a feather flock together. Which is a lovely expression and is not a direct translation…(Birds of the same colour fly to the same place). Its a belonging thing - a group of people like similar things. Which is entirely natural in my experience.
Anyway, I hope you like the Welsh proverb!