Dutch treat

To, Louis, and all the Dutch learners on the Forum Diolch Yn Fawr, Iawn, for Hollands performance tonight, in the World cup…Breath taking!!! On that performance it’ll be England v Holland in the final…

England ? You’re not serious? LOL

With the lacklustre performance by Brazil and the humiliating defeat of Spain I suppose anything is possible.

Thanks very much Kim, it was sweet revenge for 2010.

I was rather hoping for an Australia - Netherlands final, but maybe that is something for the future :slight_smile:

Anyway, getting up at 5 am was worth it!

For the past few months, wherever I am, I ask people: " Who do you think England will be playing in the final? " The looks on peoples faces and their incredulity has been great…

The company i work for has an English site and Welsh site, they’re engineering department sent us a huge England flag and told us to pledge aligence to our closest neighbour and best football team in the world, they also demanded us to fly the flag outside the office. The worse thing about it, was that the guy who organised it. Calls himself English but is a fluent Welsh speaker, I’m on my way to Swansea to look for an Italian flag to send back! They’d better win!

Wel, Kim, and all English learners, good luck tonight!