Dutch Course Level 1

Some time ago, I started the Level 1 Dutch course to help revise my now rusty knowledge and speaking capability. There were 7 lessons available at that time. Now when if look at the Dutch site I can only find the (still useful) Tourist Course. However, on clicking the other languages button I see that the Level 1 course has been expanded to 21 lessons - but clicking on this information takes you back to the Tourist Course. How can I access the full Level 1 course?

Hi - when you’re on the Tourist Course page, you should see at the top of the page (just under the blue bar at the top) a couple of buttons for “Course 01” and “Tourist Course”. You can switch between the two courses there. However there are still only seven lessons available in Course 01. The number you see on the “other languages” page is the total number of lessons between both courses combined, though I see 18 here (10 Tourist + 7 Course 1 + one listening lesson) - where are you seeing the number 21?

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I took some exploring and saw that I see the same things as @Kinetic sees. (Just to confirm the things).