Duolingo true story podcasts in Spanish with English interleaved to help you stay on track

As well as Duolingo’s new Beta feature of stories for comprehension there are now also podcasts. Martina Castro (Spanish speaking from Latin America I think) interviews Spanish speakers and presents them in these stories. They are classed as intermediate level but the Spanish is spoken clearly and in between the interviewee telling their story Martina continues the story with a bit in English so if you haven’t followed everything you can still get the gist. There are 4 stories so far. Each completely different. They seem to come out weekly and I listen to them several times as they are automatically downloaded to my phone as a podcast.

Now the great thing about these apart from them being true and current is that the full transcript is also available all for free. How great is that?

This is the link to the website: https://podcast.duolingo.com/

And this is a screenshot of the current podcasts. Just click on each one for the transcript.