Dumping perfectionism

Fellow Welsh learner (and coach), Rebecca, has this great podcast around the topic of how to prevent the scourge of perfectionism from holding you back in what you are trying to achieve: https://www.academicimperfectionist.com/

It’s called The Academic Imperfectionist but, although primarily aimed at people in the academic world, there’s much good, generally applicable and useful advice for anyone wanting to make progress in achieving their aims (e.g. learning Welsh! :slightly_smiling_face:)

PS Just a word of warning, though, about occasional use of strong language in the podcast in case you feel you might be offended by it :slightly_smiling_face:


@johnwilliams_6 Do you have a particular episode to recommend, or is it the whole series? I listen to almost too many so a general pointer would be useful. But I already love the idea of dumping perfectionism in favour of good enoughness.


It depends so much on the indvidual @margaretnock that I wouldn’t like to recommend one in particular. Probably the best thing is to glance through the titles of the individual episodes (up to now there are 40 of them) and just dip into one or two that take your fancy

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Diolch @johnwilliams_6