"Driving" side discussion from "Finding Practice Parnters"

Fair play, that’s a road that you want to switch everything off and just enjoy the drive. I went over it on my motorbike in the 80s, so no radio or anything. As Connor mentioned, that’s a pure type of motoring. The firm I work for recently leased some new Landrovers, which strangely came without radios. I enjoyed driving them if only for the nostalgia factor. Now it’s Vapes, in car entertainment, Tablets, phones, etc. On the other hand, the radio can be good for warning of accidents, hold ups etc. I suppose we just have to be sensible and draw the line where we feel it is right.

You have more confidence in the people who will be programming them than I do!
(said by one who spent 37 years in the computer trade…). :wink:


I’ve done language listening while driving, but not language learning as such (SSiW challenges etc). I think it could be distracting, but so could listening to an interesting play, or programme about science, or a political discussion.

There is perhaps an argument for banning all radio listening while driving except “easy listening” musak, sorry music. (There is certainly an argument for banning those over-fruity-voiced presenters on Classic FM. :wink: ).

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Or possibly confidence that most of the programming won’t be done by people either… :slight_smile:

To @mikeellwood and @aran - a Star Trek quote, “Computers make excellent and efficient servants Captain, but I have no wish to serve under them.”
Drivng a car or a starship requires the ability to deal with unpredictable humans. I think humans are better fitted to do that!

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Self-driving cars will take a lot of programming, they can just about manage motorways at the moment, but maybe not rammed British motorways yet. I am sure that someday they will be able to cope with horses, sheep and humans too

There’s a bit more programming to do, I think: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/19/uber-self-driving-car-kills-woman-arizona-tempe?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

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It certainly looks that way if you watch the video that was released today [not for the faint-hearted warning]. Self-driving cars is a great idea, but I think the developers have been far too optimistic, there was talk of rolling them out in 2021.

I have other reservations about self driving cars. From what I have read, there is likely to be the need for a driver who can take over in an emergency, so someone will still have to sit behind the wheel and remain alert, because that person will still be responsible in an accident.

If the car is driving itself and the driver is actually doing nothing related to driving the car, then with the best will in the world, I think it will be impossible to remain alert.

I enjoy driving and don’t like being a passenger and to me actually driving the car is the best way to remain alert.

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That can’t happen, no human is capable of sitting in constant readiness observing everything in constant readiness to take over without being actively involved for the distances we travel, it would also negate the whole point of having self driving cars in the first place. They will continue to need them for testing, but judging by the current testers, see the video if you dare, they don’t pay full attention to the road.

it will need better speech recognition as well and i doubt it will be available in minority languages.

It’s rare not to make deviations once you start a journey, particularly a non-routine long journey - someone might say, I need to get some milk or you might pass somewhere and you might fancy just having a look around - how do you tell the car to drive into that place there so that i can see what the shops are like. If you want to stop for something to eat, will the car be programmed to take you to one of their paying sponsors - McDonalds, Greggs etc.

I can see future arguments with the car, when it ignores what yoy want it to do.

Conversations -
Me: Alexa play Radio Cymru
Alexa: BBC Radio Cumbria
Me: Alexa Stop. Alexa play radio cymru
Alexa: I do not know that station. Here is one you may like. begins to play commercial music station…
Me: Alexa stop. Alexa play BBC Radio Cymru
Alexa: BBC Radio Cymru
Imagine this on the subject of route changes on the M6!!

And not the first fatality, according to that article.

“The technology is not ready for it yet, and this just sadly proves it,” said Simpson.

IMHO, the whole concept is flawed. I dread the day when these things come on our roads en masse. (Admittedly, human drivers leave a lot to be desired, but at least they are clearly accountable).

I just asked google: “Play Radio Cymru” and a nice woman answered “Another Country is a play written by the English playwright Julian Mitchell”