Downloading Level1 challenge 11

I download to Apple music player and Level 1challenge 11 and Listening practise 2n overwrite each other. I can get both but not so I can pick either.

Hi @hilary-kay

Do you mean the iPhone or iPad app - or something else?

Rich :slight_smile:

Just on a Mac opening the Monday email for the challenge and using the download button. Loads perfectly. Next going to the listening exercise also on the same email and downloading again The challenge download then opens as the listening exercise and a separate download does not appear. Can’t see that the problem is on my end. Thanks if you can help

Hmm sounds odd…

This is the web page that has the listening exercise on it - it is the southern one but press the ‘switch to North’ link if you are doing the Northern course.

It would be interesting to know if that works independently of the challenge.

Rich :slight_smile:

I have got it from the web page where I need it but rather roundabout. It downloaded but contained nothing that put it into the Library with anything else. I had to select all the criteria like Artist Album Genre from the listing under Songs where it was put and then it appeared in the library with the other things as Listen02v2. This has been automatic with all other SSiW files. This is a database thing not a Mac thing in my experience but I have it now so it doesn’t matter and I can adjust it next time if it happens again. Thanks again.