Download problem

I’ve completed the first challenge in Level One and am really raring to go, but for some reason can’t download the second or subsequent challenges… am I doing something wrong or has the system changed?

I think for everyone with Spanish you need to be over on now - @kinetic, am I right about that? :slight_smile:

For structured courses yes, but not for access to the challenge files alone in the traditional way, as far as I know!

@lizdupre, what happens when you try? Could you describe how it appears to go wrong? Cheers!

Just get the message… “unable to download audio. Please try again later” … which I have repeatedly with no success…

Hmm - could you confirm whether you’re on as Aran said above, or whether you’re on the main site at Thanks!

I know this may sound daft, but I am not sure, I answer to your question. On a friend’s recommendation I downloaded an app onto my IPad and have been accessing the SSiS through that, the first lesson, the forum, and information which stated first five lessons free of charge, thereafter bundles at around £10. Has that all been superseded?

Oh, I see - you’re using the app. Not daft at all, I was just assuming you were using the website(s) directly, sorry! Well, that sounds like it could be a connection problem of some kind, unless there’s something wrong with your installation of the app. Out of interest, what happens if you follow this link on the same device?

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That is fine… connected to it straight away…dim problem!

Hmm. It might be worth trying to restart or reinstall the app, if you know how to do that? Could I ask you to drop us an email to about this please, and we can deal with it further there? I’ll ask the app guy if he has any ideas too. Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help. Appreciated. I will have a go at reinstalling app / restarting it. Not sure how but I’m sure I’ll get there. And will email as requested. diolch yn fawr

I did reinstall the app, but same problem trying to download second challenge/lesson level one. Will email as suggested.

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Have you managed to solve this? I’m having the same problem on my iPhone. I can’t download anything, tried reinstalling etc but nothing has worked.

Fingers crossed, the problem is sorted. I was told to email
and explain the problem…which I did. Not sure how it’s been done but it appears that I do now have access to the first five lessons.


Unfortunately not, have been told that I now have to pay for what was previously free but I have no idea what you get even you do pay.

For anyone who has been using the SSi Spanish app or the website and getting Challenges free up until now, we’ve been developing a new website which builds on the successful learning experience people have been getting with the Welsh course incorporating this into the Spanish course. The new website uses software called Kajabi, and there is a Kajabi app which lets you use it on your phone or mobile device. You can still download the challenges as mp3 files and use them Offline.

The Core Package gives you the Spanish challenges at a rate of 1 per week, plus supplementary tasks and sometimes little videos to watch for interest. That costs £10 a month.

On top of that you can choose packages with extras, e.g. online sessions - in a group or a monthly 1:1 session with a tutor.

Those are the options available at the moment, but we’re looking into others :slight_smile: