Double past tense in 1 sentence

I noticed something: “I didn’t know that she wanted…” in Welsh: “Do’n i ddim yn gwybod bod hi’n moyn…” She “wants” in stead of “wanted”. Does the Welsh not use the double past tense in one sentence?

Could someone please explain as I am also confused.

Basically, no, it doesn’t behave like English.

Where the first part (the main clause) in English is in the past, the rule of sequences in English makes the second verb (the subordinate) change to the past tense too, but in Welsh the tense of the whole thing is indicated by the main clause and the subordinate verb following the ‘that’ doesn’t have to change tense.

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Thank you Siaron. I’m starting to know the typicalities of the Welsh language. Because of that I more or less expected your helpfull explanation.