Doh! Daft things I've said in Welsh

Hey everyone. I’m starting a bilingual onlne collection of stories, articles, poetry and interviews- a Welsh equivalent of I’m collating around 15 initial articles now and will launch in the first week of November. One article that I’d like to run is ‘Doh- daft things that I’ve said in Welsh’- a collection of the mistakes that we all make when learning. It’s partly to have a chuckle at ourselves as learners and partly to show new learners that making mistakes is normal.

Examples I’ve heard recently include:

Pan siarad â chyfaill, o’r blaen o ddweud ‘Dw i’n hoffi dy glustdlysau’, ‘Dw i’n hoffi dy glustffonau’
When speaking to a friend, instead of saying ‘I like your earrings’, ‘I like your headphones’

Pan ysgrifennu ebost, o’r blaen o dypio ‘Dw i’n atodi’r cyfieithiad’, ‘iDw i’n atodi’r cyfieithydd’
When writing an email, instead of typing ‘I attach the translation’, ‘I attach the translator’

Pan siarad â’r bos, o’r blaen o ddweud ‘Wyt ti’n brysur yn y gwaith ar hyn o bryd’, Wyt ti’n brysur yn y gwely ar hyn o bryd’
When speaking to the boss, instead of saying ‘Are you busy in work at the moment’, ‘Are you busy in bed at the moment’

Anyone fancy sharing their classics??


“No wonder you’re so thin, when you work so hard.” To the waitress, manager in Blakeman’s Pantry in Carmarthen. But instead of tenau, for thin, out came tew, fat. Mortified.:open_mouth:


That must be classic!!!


:laughing: What a great thread.

Everyone knows the rhew / rhyw trap, I’m sure! A sort of hot or cold alternative!
(rhew is ice or frost rhyw is sex).

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I remember getting up the courage to say a collective goodbye the first day of my first off-line, real world course. I turned cheerily to the class and announced: “Goodbye, I heard you tomorrow!”

Didn’t realise what I’d said until I was getting into my car. (I had been going for: “Goodbye, see you next week”. At least I got ‘goodbye’ right!)


My daughter was just about to attend a meeting, which required as an icebreaker, for each member to send a text on ahead. Each person’s text had to be in a different language.

I suggested: “Gwela I chi yn y cyfarfod” for “I’ll see you at the meeting”. Unfortunately, instead of “gwela…” I spelt out “gwella…”, giving “I’ll improve you at the meeting”.


Surely the only reason to have a meeting…:wink:


Thanks all for your contributions- I shall pop them in the article (unattributed…)