Dog and House sitting October 2019 anyone?

Helo bawb! Anyone fancy a ‘free’ holiday?

Aran and I are looking for a dog and house sitter for two weeks from the 17th of October this year to the 2nd of November.

To cut a very long story short - two years ago, @aran’s mum came to live with us for health reasons. Since then, she has been in our care, which has meant that family travel has been restricted to ‘can’t go too far for too long’. But she has now decided that she finds the foothills of Snowdonia too isolated, therefore is moving back to her little retirement bungalow in Staffordshire… so we decided to book a family holiday abroad!

Well I say holiday… we’ve decided that we can get away with going for two weeks if we take work with us. So Greece it is! We’ve booked accommodation with Wi-Fi and a pool, working on the theory that the pool will keep the kids occupied and happy (as long as we throw them the odd bits of food) and we adults can work/relax/work/relax as and when.

We’ve had a challenging two years caring for Aran’s mum - it’s been emotionally really tough at times. So I’m determined to pull out all the stops with this Greece holiday, and not only make it an unforgettable experience for the kids, but also arrange it in a way that we have as few hiccups as possible along the way.

Now, whilst we have very good kennels down the road which our 3 year old LabXSpaniel, Ceiri absolutely loves, and though they have a kennel free for him for those dates, we would prefer not to leave him for that length of time. He would be much, much happier at home with company, cwtshis on the sofa and his favourite walks.

So in short we’re looking for a dog loving friend to come and stay in our little cottage -

  • someone who loves to walk, even in miserable weather
  • someone doesn’t mind a very affectionate dog jumping on your bed at night - he will devour you with love
  • someone who can handle a multi-fuel stove (because that is what runs the central heating)
  • someone with a car (we’re 10 minutes from Caernarfon, rural and secluded but not isolated)

Our traditional quarry-man’s cottage is small and pretty - though two adults and four kids could stay here in three bedrooms (one of which is a crog-loft/attic room). We’re in a peaceful and beautiful area with stunning views of the coast and mountains, and as we’re in the middle of common land, the sheep roam free. I can guarantee you that this is a place which feeds your soul - if you’re looking for relaxed and peaceful, then this is it. We have fabulous sunsets here and the place is busy with all sorts of wildlife.

Am I selling this? :wink:

The nearest village shop and cafe is less than a mile away and Caernarfon an easy drive, as well as Penygroes. We have wonderful neighbours, fabulous Wi-Fi connection and a smart TV with Netflix and Amazon!

We have just short of 3/4 of an acre of mature garden - it’s like the secret garden full of little pathways and seating areas, very pretty and full of wildlife with a barbecue area. There are tree swings for kids to play on and plenty of places to play hide and seek as well as a pretty little stream beyond the garden wall.

Now about the dog and the commitment…

Ceiri is a very loving, affectionate and easy going dog who’s friends with everyone. He’s very attached to us as we work from home and he’s more or less with us all the time. This will be the first time we will have left him with anyone at home for as long as two weeks. I’ve a friend coming this weekend because we have to go and visit a sick relative in Oxford, but he’s already familiar with her, so I know it will all be OK.

I’m keen for the whole experience of us going away for 2 weeks to be as consistent as possible for him, so having the same people here for the whole of the two weeks, keeping to his routine of two meals and a walk a day, is an essential part of the stay.

Unfortunately our kennels are extremely busy and never have any availability last minute. Also, although I have one brother and two sisters living fairly close, none of them are in a position to have our dog staying with them for any length of time. We also have fabulous neighbours, but none of them could take Ceiri in for us either. So having someone who could commit to the full two weeks would be essential.

If you think that this is for you then please get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling! :grinning:

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Blimey, sounds amazing, my lab/collie would love it! Trouble is we have two other dogs as well! Yours would be very welcome to stay with ours here in the SW Valleys though!


Sold as seen.
Obviously you will get lots of people offering to hep out but if not I would be more than happy to step in. I can organise the time off and no problem and promise I will enjoy it as much as the dog.
Let me know. The tail end of autumn ( my fave season) sounds great.
100% available and reliable. :+1:


As someone who has done this before for Aran and Catrin, albeit in their previous home, I can recommend, 110%, the support you will get from Catrin and the love you will get from Ceiri. If you are a dog person this is the holiday for you. I even seem to remember whisky being available, although I’m not making a promise on their behalf!


Oh you’re a star! Diolch yn fawr iawn!

OK, lets do this! :slight_smile: We’ll get messaging soon with details etc, in the meantime I’ve just found you on Facebook so will send you a friend request and we can get to know each other better.

You are so kind Margaret, diolch! It was such a pleasure having you house and dog sit for us - you were so kind and the dogs loved you. X


Such a kind offer, thank you so much! Welsh learners are amazing! :slight_smile:

Friend request accepted let’s see if we can work it out. :man_shrugging::+1:

Hi Catrin. Just in case you need a reserve (we wouldn’t want to take the place of any of the lovely offers thst you already have) or if you need a helping hand any other time, please put Glenda and me on the list. We love dogs and often dog-sit for friends. We are on Facebook as John Young and Glenda Young.


I am sure you will find someone, it’s a great offer. I could ask my friends or family, some of them possibly want to visit us but would like their own place to stay. But it looks like you will find someone much more quickly here.

Anyway, I am a dog person and missing having a dog a lot (my parents used to have two dogs, even three at one point but that was after I moved out). If you happen to need any help with Ceiri (being away, ill or just too busy), we would be happy to take her for a walk.
We are in Penygroes (I am sure it’s impossible to remember all learners you’ve met) and working from home, so very flexible timewise.


Whisky, rum and Manx vodka, off the top of my head… :wink:

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off the top of my head

That’s one helluva balancing act. :wink:


Ooh lovely, put me, Helen and Mavis the poodle down on the reserve list, great opportunity to ymarfer siarad. Could consider a mutually beneficial house swap for futures, if you want to bring the kids down South for a staycation. I love the North, and would move up but for family!

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Noswaith dda bawb!

After several discussions back and forth between @Macky and myself, we’ve come to the sad decision, that because of unpredictable family commitments, he probably won’t be able to fully commit to the two weeks. So this offer still stands!

I am going to/have edited my first post in this thread to include additional info, which should make it easier for anyone considering, to make a decision.

Diolch. :smile:


Sorry cant help for that length of time but hey if you’re going on hols for a week next year let me know when & I’ll see if we can get some time off work. It would be a fab holiday for us & having the dogs would be awesome. Miss having dogs around, that’s why I walk dogs for a rescue centre. Rain or shine we’d be happy.

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hi Catrin, I’m walking distance from you and would LOVE to help out, unfortunately I work full time and travel with my job. Hope you find someone soon!

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Shamae Catrin,
I completely understand that having one family for the 2weeks is best. But if that isn’t feasible we would be able to do the 2nd week. We do have 2 dogs though who sound a bit like yours in that they are ridiculously loved and affectionate! They are 15 and10 but still have lots of walks and are happy with other dogs- spend a lot of time with my brothers etc. So very happy to help if you need to split the weeks. This is a great idea and when we next go away I’ll see if anybody wants to do the same in South Wales.
I hope you have a great holiday!

We’re up for it, I’ve sent you a message Catrin

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I have sent you a message too, in case you are still on the hunt.

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Noswaith dda wonderful people.

I can’t begin to put in words how touched and honoured I am to have received so many wonderful offers.

I’ve always described to others the nature of our SSiW community as being like one big family - people making lifelong friendships and looking out for each other, offering lifts and places to stay, swapping books, and this… dog sitting.

I have to admit to having already received a wonderful offer from an SSiWer last week, so, problem solved!

But because I’m about as organised as a drunk chimp at the moment, I forgot to update this thread.

Diolch o waelod calon to you all. I wish you could all come together to look after Ceiri, but unfortunately, our house is the size of a matchbox… :wink: