Does the 80% rule still apply?


I’ve restarted learning SSiW again after a break. Just wondering if, and how the 80% rule applies. I often use the pause button for remembering what Aran said - not the Welsh itself! It also stops me panicking about saying the Welsh in time before Catrin. I have cerebral palsy which makes my muscles tense up especially if doing anything in a hurry… so I use pause button to keep it fun. What would be the 80% mark for me?

I mostly remember the Welsh except I tend to leave out Beth ie What when Aran uses long sentences usually because I forgot what Aran said!

I did Southern Welsh on the old courses, but this time I am I finding the Northern pronounciation easier to understand.

Thank you for offering these great courses!

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@aran will help you more than I, but I would think that whatever is easiest and most comfortable is best! It isn’t necessary to get 80% right, that was outdated advice, but you may prefer to do Challenges a bit at a time or ??? :smile: :sunny: :wink:

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My attitude is always that no two people learn the same way. I regard ‘rules’ as guidelines, and everyone needs to recognise how to use them. ‘80%’ may well be a useful index for some people, just as ‘needing to repeat a lesson once or twice’ may be good for some and not for others, regardless of how much has sunk in. Know thyself!

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My understanding is the the “move on when yu get 80%” notion is more

“Even if you don’t feel ready move on if you’re getting 80% because it’s probably fine”


“Don’t move on at any cost until you get 80%”


I could never honestly say I ever really knew what percentage I got right.

If your tone is more under control using the pause button and that keeps you relaxed it sounds like it’s for you :slight_smile:

Might be worth trying to reduce it though as you go just to see how you get on.

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Hi Stacey, and welcome back! :slight_smile:

Yes, what the others have said - if the pause button is a necessary part of it for you, then as long as you’re managing to say something most of the time, I wouldn’t worry too much about how often it’s ‘right’… :slight_smile:

Hey Stacey! Welcome back! :slight_smile:

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