Do you need Soundcloud Pro in order to record?

So far I’ve not found any way to record on Soundcloud. All I get are music tracks listed.

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I found that once. I think my computer had loaded the wrong page of sound cloud.

I use the recorder that’s on my PC and then put the file on soundcloud in order to generate a link I can share here.

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Think you have to go into your profile. I had to hunt for it.

I don’t think there is a way to record directly into SoundCloud. You need to use a voice recorder to make the recording and then upload the track to SoundCloud to share it. I use a voice recorder app on my iPhone called AudioCopy. One you’ve made your recording on AudioCopy and saved it, you can then upload it to SoundCloud. The phone app for SoundCloud doesn’t have the functionality to share the link, so you need to go into a browser version to get the link to post on the forum. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Here’s how I do it for the Word of the Day thread…

Firstly open the SoundCloud app on your phone, then at the bottom right hand corner you should see three vertical lines stacked against each other like books on a shelf - see the picture below. Click on this.

You should then see a page like the one below. Click on your personal icon, top right hand corner. The one below shows the SSiW Word of the Day icon.

It should then take you to a page like this one below. Down the left hand side, you should see the ‘record’ option. Click on this to start recording! Hope this helps!

What phone are you using Catrin? Following those steps, this is how it looks on my iPhone

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. :blush:

Can’t help with iPhones, sorry! :roll_eyes:

No probs! The method I described above works fine for iphone, I was just curious to see if the difference was due to the devices and it does look as though the experience on Android is quite different to iphone!