Do we have any Wordpress devs here? (I promise this is on topic!)

Some of you might remember Clwb Malu Cachu, a website I started 20+ years ago to help other Welsh learners.

It still exists, sort of, at clwb malu cachu but the main site at is a Wordpress installation that’s has fundamentally broken.

I would love to get it up and running again, and was wondering if by chance we happen to have a Wordpress expert here who can take a look and see if it can be fixed? And if it’s not a simple fix, then I can at least know to nuke the main installation and start again.

Once I’ve got Wordpress working again, I can revamp the main site and add in more up-to-date resources.

Hopefully someone here will be able to help, but if not, are you on tŵ There seem to be a lot of devs of all kinds on there and they all seem very helpful.

I’m not on Tŵ, I’m on though I keep forgetting Mastodon exists. I’ll post there later, and post a link here, and if anyone wants to re-tŵt, then that’d be great.

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As per:

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This is the explanation about that specific error on the Wordpress site:

I don’t know anything about PHP at all but have run a Wordpress site, so if absolutely no-one else can help I might be able to go through that checklist with you. Good luck!

Thanks! Soon as I have a minute, I’ll try to fix it. It probably is the out of date Wordpress.

Hope it works for you. I know from the uke site I’ve done how much work goes into these & hope you can retrieve all your hard work. If that doesn’t work, maybe you can export the Wordpress site securely & then re-import it as a new one (and then do whatever you need to do to point your URL at the updated copy). Take care.

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It’s been ages since I played with Wordpress and I eventually came to the conclusion I would pay and let THEM worry about updates and broken templates and they rest!

I have considered moving it to Wordpress, but I have an old HTML site there that I want to preserve as well!