Do we have any Estonian SSIW'ers?

With the Eisteddfod going on, Lara and I haven’t travelled as much this year - so we’ve booked two weekends away over the next few months, one in Paris and another in Tallinn, Estonia - which will be a new country for us.

We would love to meet any fellow SSIW’ers over there if any exist. I’ve checked the map and found @corcaighist and @himajemeseica pretty near, but I’m not sure if they are still active members - I’ve not seen the names around the forum much if at all sadly :frowning:

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Maybe a fun one for the email, @Deborah-SSi? :slight_smile:

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Yes, I thought the same :slight_smile:

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“I’m off to found a new Welsh speaking community on the outskirts of Tallinn… may not be home in time for tea!”


Since their usernames are not clickable I believe they never were members of this forum. They might be a members of the (very) old one but it doesn’t exist (publicly) anymore. However it might be you mistyped (what I actually don’t believe though) the usernames also.

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I suspected as so when I looked at the SSIW Map. I’d never seen the usernames “In my time” here :frowning:

I didn’t either, at least I don’t remember. Well it can very well also be that they’ve signed up here with other names and didn’t request to be changed on the map though. There are many such people, I believe me too. As I remember I appear there as “tatjanaprelogknightg” what was really “brutal” name to be remembered but I 'm not sure I ever asked @Sionned for it to be changed on the map. I’m the only one from Slovenia anyway so it poses no troubles.

Well, as I’ve looked at the google maps, Helsinki is literally across the sea to Talin so there somewhere might be @tygerc and @Novem somewhere. :slight_smile:

Probably not enough time for a day trip to Helsinki if they’re only staying for a weekend, not much time left to see Tallinn :smile:

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Oh, yes. That “weekend” slipped through somewhere in my mind. :slight_smile:

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We don’t want anyone making mad 3hr 30 boat trips over! Especially since we’re hoping to do a Helsinki visit before you pick the right uni out of Aber and Bangor :wink: