Disappearing for a week!

So, thanks to my very kind brother, Catrin and I and our monstrous offspring will be disappearing for a week as of tomorrow - down to the Algarve, about 200 yards away from the house that my brother and I lived in as children for a year back in the 70s… should be emotional and entertaining… :slight_smile:

I’ll be aiming to check in from time to time - have still got a few last things to knock to and fro with our solicitors before (fingers crossed!) exchange/completion on the house purchase next Thursday - but my time may well be interrupted by having children demand to push me into the swimming pool…

So particularly grateful for all help with answering any questions that crop up!

And looking forward very much to a) some ‘no thinking’ time, and then b) getting back and moving house and then c) doing a nice big ‘What’s happening next’ post to update you with all the fun things that are going to be happening in the last four months of the year… :slight_smile:


Have a great holiday. You deserve it ! I was in the Algarve for a few days in February with my daughter. Check out the outdoor escalators in Albufeira old town going from the beach to the top of the hill. A lazy person’s dream hehe. Definitely something we should think about in Wales with all our gigantic hills :joy: .

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Have a wonderful time - relax and enjoy those children, they grow up so fast! Wishing you the best of luck with your move. I’m looking forward to hearing about “all the fun things” when you return :slight_smile:


Early morning … almost day wishes for happy disappearance to all of you from Slovenia. And I know you’d not totally diasppear … one particular photographer in your house is too passionate one not to put something on display for us (on FB) to see. :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry we (all) couldn’t talk a bit more while meeting at Eisteddfod …

Happy and safe trip
happy and safe holidays
happy and safe return
happy and swift mooving


Ooh, that sounds like fun - and utterly weird - Albufeira was a quiet fishing village the last time we were here!.. :slight_smile:

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