Shwmae! Dwi’ moyn I ddweud diolch!
This has been amazing for learning, Iv just finished lesson 6.2 and want to let you know it’s been a really good experience so far.
I would have like to right this out in welsh but I’m no good at spelling (even in English haha). Before these lessons I was worried about how hard speaking welsh would be but now I have full confidence I will be a fluent speaker.
My interest in welsh comes from my great interest in the language Brythonic, the ancestor of Cymraeg, Kernewek, Brezhoneg and Cumbric. I will be looking to learn Brezhoneg and Kernewek, which I believe there is a SSI Cornish course, after I have mastered Cymraeg. If anyone else on here is interested in Brythonic I love sharing my research, have a blog “Brythonic word of the day” you can look at: http://brythonicwordoftheday.tumblr.com


Shw mae, Rhys? Diolch am dy ddiolch! Thanks for your thanks!!

Wow - thanks for the link to your Brythonic research - I’ll link to that from DailyWelshWordsm our twitter feed, when I’m back from bootcamp.

It’s great to hear that you’re getting on so well with the course - you already are fluent in some basic Welsh, so don’t worry about “will be fluent” anymore. I hope you can get involved in some conversation groups or skype conversations soon to really start fleximg those Welsh muscles.