Diolch yn fawr SSIW! (success story 🎉)

Shwmae pawb,

I just wanted to say a huge diolch to SSIW and everyone in the SSIW community as I’ve just recently landed a dream job that involves speaking, writing, translating and creating digital content in Welsh every day and this would never have been possible without Say Something in Welsh.

When I first started to Welsh, I had just moved away to Sheffield and was learning it to feel a little more connected to home and gain another skill. Traditional methods that were taught in school and night classes weren’t working for me and it was exciting to learn so fast. I had no idea how much learning Welsh would change my life, and now I’m returning to Wales a fluent speaker and it’s an amazing feeling.

I owe so much now to this app, and now my other half has just started her Welsh learning journey with SSIW and is loving it! We can’t recommend it enough.

Felly, o’n i’n moyn dweud diolch enfawr i chi gyd am eich cefnogaeth dros y blynyddoedd ac i ddal ati! :muscle:


Llongyfarchiadau Rhodri! - on both your new job and on your Welsh learning :smiley:


Llongyfarchiadau @rhodrimcdonagh! :tada: :tada: :tada: Thanks for sharing that, and enjoy your new job!


@rhodrimcdonagh You are an inspiration to us all & a credit to yourself, this online community, to the work of the team led by @aran etc Lucky Wales! :partying_face: Glad you are a couple in shared lingo, too: Much happiness to you both!

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This has given me real hope. I’ve tried other courses and it’s just not sunk in. I can name things and know individual words. I can count and I know most of the alphabet. I can not for the life of me form or understand sentences or speech though. I get the odd word that’s all. Do you think this course will help me? My children are fluent welsh so I will be able to practice at home if I get to a point where conversation actually felt achievable. I’m very nervous that I’m not going to be able to learn anything and any reassurance/tips would be welcome. Thank you and well done on your achievements. :+1:t2:


Llongyfarchiadau :grin:

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Yes Nia, I’m sure it will help you.

Different teaching styles suit defferent people, so you will have to give it a go to be sure, but many (myself included) find the SSIW way the best.

Have you tried the free ‘one sentence’ trial yet?



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I would recommend just giving it a go. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it and I wasn’t sure I could find the time but it works really well for me and I look forward to my new challenges every Monday. Good luck!

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Dear nia -Roberts
I’m taking things nice and steady trying to understand everything of course, but what helps me is not so much as trying to remember everything because children don’t do that do they…….but what is King in my opinion is repetition and as you keep listening to the challenges time and time again they gradually sink in because children don’t do too bad do they and they master the language…Listening to ssiw seems to turn into a sort of game like finding a piece of jigsaw and putting it together…At the moment what suits me is listening to a challenge 3 times in the same day and let it sink in and carry on to the next one…basically taking the bull by the horns and whatever you come up with just go over the levels again and again as many times as you need to…just go into it nia

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Many congratulations!
Totally inspirational!