Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi i gyd!

So we did this thing, on Facebook, a Live video feed of my book launch. I sounded sooo… Australian and I touched my glasses far too many times. But we had people watching from Wales, England, Scotland, Malawi, New York, Nicaragua and in Australia. Thanks heaps to all the SSiWers who dropped in. I even spoke Welsh a few times and, when I thanked my Welsh class yn y Cymraeg, I heard an audible sigh from the audience. Thanks so much to Dee for putting me in the newsletter three times. This community is amazing. My story would not have been the same without SSiW - neither the printed story, or indeed my personal story. Learning Welsh really has changed my life. Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi i gyd.


I think I got the time difference right, but the time of the Launch in Melbourne an hour early!! Sorry, would have been great to watch it live, but it was good to see that Oz, home of big, butch sporty types also values poets and tellers of tales! The only problem now is that once I have received and reviewed the paper-with-printing book (probably just a snippet about illustrations, if you have them), I will have to wait ages for the Mared book and even longer for the second part of the trilogy!

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It actually started at seven but the speeches didn’t get under way until after 7.30. People were too busy buying books and getting their glasses of wine. I am now officially the author with the broadest author event reach in Boroondara Library service’s history (they’ve never done Facebook Live before). We had people listening from Wales, England, Scotland, Malawi, Slovenia, New York, Canada and all over Australia. I am exhausted but happy.


Llongyfarchiadau! @elizabeth_jane ! Happy to hear it was such a success!

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Thanks Margaret.

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