Digital Bookshelf: A guide to Welsh-focussed books on the Kindle and iBooks stores

OK, I’ve had a busy week!

Here is a guide to Welsh language and orientated books on the iBooks and Kindle store. As neither store provides a way to search by language or geograhic focus it is difficult to find content to support our language progression. In addition, only 1 Welsh language publisher places content on iBooks, and only 3 do on Kindle. Therefore, the main books that are available are from large publishers.

A large proportion of people who engage with the SSIW courses and forum don’t have easy access to a Welsh language bookshop, and so for all of you, I hope that this helps develop your interest in Wales and progress in the language.

If I’ve missed any books and you have suggestions, then let me know!



Terribly sorry, but my ipad says,it can’t open the pages you mean. It can’t find your server. Can you help.?

I can’t get page either and I have android.

@henddraig and @theresacorbett are right. I can’t get it too, and I’m trying to access it through Google Chrome on my PC. However I’ve updated @seren’s guide of useful threads and links with your book guide and your homepage.

It’s working for me in Firefox on Windows.

BTW, it looks like you’re using Wordpress. You really need to consider switching descriptive permalinks on. This is a simple and effective SEO tweak. It will turn your url from the obscure to something more friendly like (depending on the settings you choose). A web crawler that can match this to the page content will up your content score and favour you in search results.

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It’s working this morning.

Apologies all. The web hosting was down for an unexpected and inconveniently long 1 hour 47 mins last night, but all working now.

Maybe it’s in western scotland! We lost all internet connection for hours the night before last!

I’ve bought e-books from Gwales, who have a fairly friendly searchable interface, but at least some of their e-books say that they’re not suitable for the Kindle. (I think they might be set up for Nook?) However, if you can use Calibre to strip the DRM off, they’ll work in any e-reader.

NB: I know @aran is very (rightly) cautious about people plugging dodgy workarounds to legal restrictions on the Forum, but I have a feeling that the process of removing DRM was actually judged to be legal after all, so long as you’re only using it to back up your own copies of books you’ve legally bought.