Different meanings of i


In this sentence, if it’s correct… (I am trying to say “I am going to drive to the pool”

Dw i’n mynd i gyrru i’r pwll

… are there three different kinds of “I”?

One to mean “I”, as in I am going…
One to be part of what in English I would call the infinitive (but not sure if it’s the same sort of thing in Welsh), as in “to drive”
One to be “to” but connected with place?

Are these even different things?

Thank you so much for humouring my stupid question,


Yes, there are different types of ‘i’!
It can be “I” as in “I am”, it can be ‘to’, it can be ‘for’ and it can also pop up in places where it doesn’t really have a separate meaning but is part of the phrase, like in “i gyd”.
Some verbs - mynd is one of them - will always be followed by an i.

Just don’t overthink it - just get used to hearing the patterns when it’s used. :slight_smile: