Difference between cyfarwyddo and cyfeirio

They both mean ‘to direct’. What’s the difference in terms of use?

cyfarwyddo is generally to direct in the sense of instruction - e.g. to direct a play, cyfarwyddo drama
cyfeirio is generally to direct in the sense of sending/movement - e.g. to direct an email to someone, cyfeirio ebost at rhywun.


I see that siaron has beaten me to it, but Cysgair says that “cyfarwyddo” is to: accustom, brief, familiarise, inform and instruct. Hence the sense of directing a play and the related plural noun “cyfarwyddiadau” / “instructions”.

“Cyfeirio” is to refer to (information) or refer a person to something, e.g. a specialist. It is also for addressing a letter or email.

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Would cyfarwyddo be used in terms of a policeman directing traffic then?

Both could be in some senses, but I think the tendency with that would be to use rheoli instead.