Desperately looking for skype partner[s] who speak welsh witheh with

I am learning Welsh but not fluent and would really appreciate the opportunity to practice the language on a daily basis with Welsh speakers (North Wales).
I wonder if anyone would consider skying me once or more times a week - to suit them.
If so, please let me know so that we can set up contact addresses etc.
Marilyn Hughes

I have sent a private message to see if you want to join a google+ group. There is also a permanent SSiw google group.

Nid dwi yn rhugl yn y dafodiaith ogleddol, ond gallai helpu serch hynny, gobeithio!
skype yn ychydig yn llai cadarn/hyblyg
Skype is a little less robust

I speak the southern dialect as taught here, but one thing I’ve found is that there’s less difference than you might think (mostly it’s the pronunciation of words, with the occasional word here or there). If that works, I’m happy to chat on Skype every so often.