Deg y dysgwr - ble mae transcript please?

Hello, dw I newid cwpla her 3 ac dw I’m deall y cam nesa yw gwrando I Deg Y Dysgwr. Ond does dim transcript neu translation a mae nhw’n dim ond un funud yr hunain. Ydy hwn yn cywir?

Diolch yn fawr

Ydy, mae’n gywir. Maen nhw’n ddysgwyr sy’n ateb cwestiwn, felly dim yn hir. Gyda phob un ti’n cael ffeil gyda’r geiriau mwya pwysig i helpu ti ddeall. Mae’r ffeiliau ar gael ar y wefan fel PDF.

Yes, that’s right. They are Welsh learners who answer a question, so not long. With each one you get a file with the most important words to help you understand. The files are available on the website as a PDF.

Diolch. X

I love Caru, paru but what happened to Meghan?! Any more episodes please?



Helo Jan!
Really pleased you’ve enjoing these! Out of interest, how difficult or otherwise do you find them?
I have been busy writing the next chapters/episodes and your comment has given me the kick up the rear I needed to get them finished…! :wink:
Keep listening…

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Hello a diolch Beca

If Find them very difficult to understand, but then I am a South Walian! I find for example the diaries of Daniel Glyn and Luke Davies much easier to understand, but the stories are not as compelling as Caru, Paru.

I do gradually work them out so hopefully am learning lots.

Diolch a dal ati!

Jan :star_struck:


Diolch for the response Jan, and I can understand why you’d find them tough going - but that’s where Dan and Luke come in! Keep at it though, and there quite a few more Luke eps coming up very soon…