Deepest condolences to John and his family

On behalf of everyone at SSiW, I would like to extend deepest condolences to @JohnYoung and his family following the loss of his wonderful wife Glenda who passed away early on Saturday morning, the 16th of January.

It’s difficult to describe Glenda, without sounding as if one’s rather overdoing it. But she really was a remarkable woman.

I first met Glenda properly, when she and John came to house and dog sit for Aran and myself, in November of 2019. I couldn’t help thinking at the time what a huge favour they were both doing us - not having to put Ceiri the dog in kennels for a fortnight was such a weight off my mind.

But I’ve never seen anyone so grateful as Glenda, to be stuck in a small cottage, out in the sticks in Snowdonia, in the middle of winter, with an over zealous dog and a temperamental heating system - she wasn’t just over the moon to be here, she was also over the moon to be doing something to help.

That’s what Glenda did. She took pride in giving. She found joy in helping making others’ lives easier. In making people laugh. In brightening your day in any way she could. She remains one of the most unselfish, most generous, warmest and funniest people I’ve ever met.

When we returned home from our time away, Glenda and John had cleaned our house from top to bottom, washed all the bed linen and made a huge vat of home made soup, so that we’d have a healthy hot meal after a long journey.

Glenda was also artistically talented. She was an amazing cook and baker and an exceptional flower arranger, creating stunning wedding bouquets and table and church arrangements for so many happy couples. She also had an irresistible sense of humour.

But above all she was the love of John’s life, a devoted mother to Jerri and doting grandmother to Betsy and Mary.

I told John last week, that I’ve rarely seen couples as happy and loving as he and Glenda - the strength of their bond and devotion to each other was and forever will be, undeniable.

John, we’re sending you love and strength as you navigate this new path in your life. We hope that all those wonderful memories you have of Glenda will be of comfort to you, now and forever.


Just logged in and seen this. John was part of the Dangos a Ddweud ‘family’ all the time I was. I never met Glenda, but she was always there in the background, woven into the stories he told us. I was aware she was very ill, but I’m devastated to hear John has lost the live of his life. My heart goes out to him


I have just seen this. So very sorry to hear about John’s loss. Glenda sounds like a truly lovely person. My thoughts and prayers are with John and family.


Thanks so much to you all.


I was so sorry to read this John. I really don’t know what else to say but I feel I’ve got to know you over our exchanges on the forum, and of course through Siaron’s ‘Show and Tell’ sessions, so have to respond in some way, however inadequate. I know it’s not much help, but I am thinking of you and your family at this time. Love, Doug

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Thanks, Doug. That’s so kind of you. the support of friends on this forum and elsewhere has really helped me through Glenda’s illness and is continuing to help me today.

Obviously I’ve been thinking of you as I’ve been in contact with my wider family, who as you know are also based in Northumberland and Scotland.

So, thanks again. Please keep the lines of communication flowing. Onwards and upwards with lovely memories.


What a beautiful tribute to Glenda, who was indeed a lovely lady and such fun to chat to in out Port Talbot meetings. She will leave a big hole in those evenings that’s for sure, but when we meet again we will raise a glass to her. Best Wishes John and family


There’s an expression in the Bible, at Acts 20:35, “there is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving”. Whether people are religious or not, some, like Glenda, seem to prove that expression is so very true. As you grieve John, and look back over your many years together with Glenda, may the happiness she brought come back to you.


Thanks, Mark.

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Thanks so much Caz. I really appreciated this at the time you sent it and of course still do now reading it again.

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