Deep End!

I’ve just clicked the button to start the deep end! :slight_smile: I’ve worked through level one and two alone but thought I really need to kick up the bottom to do more sometimes. I just need to get over the nerves that are stopping me from practicing more, I am going to local group once a month, when I can, when work permits.
Now and again I do find my motivation wavering, only because nobody I know speaks Welsh, but I want to keep at it. I need to remind myself how well I’ve done getting this far and I’m not stopping now.


Gwych! I’m in the Deep End (Week 3, apparently) but have found myself throwing a wobbly, poolside, over the last 10 days… Visiting this forum over the last 24 hrs - all that Gŵyl Dewi Sant stuff around on the web dros y penwythnos, it is all helping me back towards getting back in, toe first, or head first…


Don’t forget you can find people to speak Welsh to on Slack @jen - I didn’t know any Welsh speakers to start with, but have made Welsh-speaking friends through Slack. And you can choose whether to join groups of other people (hangouts) or chat 1:1. It really makes a huge difference - and everyone’s very friendly, and at all different stages with their Welsh - but keen to help and encourage each other. There are bits (‘channels’) on Slack that relate to specific stages of the course too - do take a look. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

(Happy to arrange a time to chat some time if that would help - work in a school, so not around in school hours though!!) Chatting to others in Welsh turns learning into a whole new ballgame :slight_smile:

Are you aware of Clwb Cardiau Post? It’is another fun way of actually using your Welsh - more details can be found both here on the Forum and on Slack.

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How are you finding the set tasks, @ Jen ?

I have to wait until next week to start… :grin: Which works out because I’ve had other things to do and no time to learn Welsh. Maybe the end of the week when I’m not working

I’m on Slack i just haven’t been using it :see_no_evil: not much, I tried to go on a hangout and couldn’t. Figured out what was wrong but ever since I’ve had reasons - or excuses - not to go on again. Only one hangout I can do I’m either working or with family on Sundays and don’t sing. And I’m doing the Clwb Cardiau Post. Just need to practice speaking more that’s all.

To be fair @jen, I tend to find it easier to arrange a 1:1 chat myself because of timing issues. And it’s chatting 1:1 (or as 1 of 3) that I do most of my Welsh speaking. Slack’s good for that too.

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Just got the email. Ummm a two hour conversation? OK I’m going to have to cheat. Going to the meet up Saturday and maybe I’ll get on Slack on Wednesday if I can and that will have to count. Oh dear that’s week one. The chatting will be tricky.

I have just finished week 52 of the 6 minutes course :tada: I’d like to go ahead with level 3 but the link in the email just sends you to a check box to say you agree to the Ts & Cs but nothing that actually says how much it is. Is it just carrying on with my £10 pm or is it more? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the website (maybe I’m just not in the right place).

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Yes, it’s included with the £10 a month. You just have to click to confirm and you’re ready to go. :slight_smile:
The deep end will be a course, you’ll get your first email on Monday with instructions, including to do the first two challenges for week one (if I remember right). But you have access to all the content at any time.

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Ah, brilliant, thanks. I’ll sign up quick before I change my mind :smile: