Deep End - in need of a pause over Christmas!

Hi, how do I go about getting the Deep End course paused for a the next couple of weeks over Christmas? I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get the time to do anything (apart from trying to speak some Welsh during my New Year stay in Harlech!), and if I do get time to do a challenge or two I’d rather it was without any pressure! Who should I contact and how, please?

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Just drop an email to and someone will be able to sort that out for you, I’m sure.

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Thanks Siaron!

There’s a fighting chance no-one will see that until the new year now, I’m afraid - SSi staff are on holiday until then - but if you just ignore the emails for now and work through them when you’re ready, that’ll be fine - and you never need to move on in the online control panel until you’re ready… :slight_smile: