De-rusting a language (and Welsh)

I’ve heard that many people got inspired by lockdown to take up a new language, and Welsh in particular.

Well, for me it was quite the opposite. :roll_eyes: My main motivation to carry on practicing speaking has always been planning cheap, short trips to Wales.

Since we started lockdown in February it’s been impossible to figure out when I will be able to come over safely for everyone, and at a reasonable price too, and then will come Brexit to make it even more complicated. :scream:

Despite having even more opportunities than usual to practice on line, I’ve spoken 5 times since then and when I tried it recently, I definitely feel very rusty!

Yesterday I came across this article (and related links):

It’s not new, but it suits perfectly to my recent reflections. I’m going to share it in case anyone’s interested and/or would like to share some reflections or replicate some sort of de-rusting challenge like he mentions!

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Thanks for the link. I sympathise about loss of motivation due to lockdown. I was doing the SSiS challenges with a view to spending a short break in Spain to get some winter sunshine. Once lockdown happened, I realised that there wouldn’t be any foreign trips in my future for at least 12-18 months.

However, instead I decided to switch to Italian and also to try to revive my French. Sadly there isn’t an SSiI or SSiF, so I’m using other resources.

Interestingly, lockdown meant that I actually spoke more Welsh over the summer. Our informal cafe chat tends to dwindle away over the summer because people go on holiday or have guests staying. But due to lockdown, we all stayed at home and the replacement Skype group chat has been well-attended.

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At this point, if you’d like an Italian-Welsh on-line chat for a fast brain short-circuit, let me know! :wink: :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the offer, but it’s a bit soon for trying to chat. :grin:

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This just popped up on my facebook feed and for some reason, I thought of you, Margaret!(hope you don’t mind!)


Ha-ha-ha! I’ve even had my brain offer up suggestions in Latin before now.

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