I think I am saying that the Cymraeg for “he/she said that…” is:

Ddweddod hi bod hi… = She said that…

Ddweddod e fod e… = He said that…

Why fod e for a man and bod hi for a woman?

The bod soft mutates when it’s referring to I, you (singular), and he - mod i, fod ti, fod e.
It doesn’t mutate for the other pronouns she, we, you (plural) and they - bod hi, bod ni, bod chi, bod nhw.

Having said that, in informal speech in many regions, people leave out the mutations altogether - bo’ fi, bo’ ti, bo’ hi, bo’ fe, bo’ ni, bo’ chi, bo’ nhw - which are acceptable in speech, but the mutated versions are the technically correct ones.


Diolch Siaron.

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