Ddim v mor

Hi, i am doing old course 3 and don’t quite understand why sometimes instead of ddim, there’s a word like mor (not sure of the spelling).

This seems to be in the short form past tense eg sometimes chlywodd e ddim but sometimes chlywodd e mor (he didn’t hear). Possibly the mor seems to be used when the next word is a person, but maybe I’ve got that wrong.

Can anyone help with when to use each one, or is it interchangeable? Thanks.

Hi, what you hear is probably " mo’r" ( the 'r is here the definite article after a vowel) . Mo ist used after short form past tense verbs before:

  • nouns with definite article
  • pronouns
  • nouns with possessive article
  • proper names.
    But you can hear the construction with “ddim” or even " ddim mo" , so if you forget to change from “ddim” to “mo” you will always be understood, but you will understand if you hear or read it.
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Thanks Brigitte, that’s super helpful x