Ddaru ..... meaning

The word Ddaru crops up in the advanced content.
The translation sheet shows the following;
Ddaru nhw = and they
Ddaru mam = my mum
Google translate is of no use.
Could anyone give the translation and how to use it.

Ddaru … is a neat way in northern Welsh to form sentences in the past: ddaru + subject + verbnoun
Ddaru mi fynd i’r siop ddoe. - I went to the shop yesterday.
This also works for other persons: Ddaru Sion ddim mynd i’r sinema heddiw. - Sion didn’t go to the cinema today.


That’s very interesting, thanks Hendrik.
Would the South Wales version be ‘ es I i’r Siop ddoe’ ?

Yes, that would be a perfectly fine way to say it, regardless of where you are. And mind you, you can use the ddaru-construction anywhere, you just hear it more often in the north.

Diolch eto