Dathlu dydd sant Gwyl yn Milton Keynes

If you find yourself in Milton Keynes on Sunday 1st March there is a St. davids day celebration taking place at MK Rose in Campbell Park at 3pm. For an opportunity to sing or simply listen to some Welsh songs and meet others with a connection to Wales and who are learning Welsh, please come along and join us! http://www.theparkstrust.com/whats-on/event-details/1162
And here: http://www.mkrose.co.uk
Hwyl am y tro, Jan


I will try to be there as I want to meet Welsh speakers in MK to assist my getting to grips with the language, especially ones in the Bleychley area

Sorry, John, that message of Jan’s dated Feb 2015 (at top right of message), but I’m sure @janjones_1 ill be able to update you on what’s happening this year

I don’t seem to be managing this very well.

Don’t worry, John - you’ll be getting the hang of it all in no time :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’d like to start a new thread and ask if there are others in the Milton Keynes area, you might find a few people and I can always put a note in the weekly newsletter and point people to the thread as well.

Hi John
Apologies for the delay in replying. I have been on holiday in a place without internet. I am sure there will be some people from the MK Cylch Siarad group there on Dydd Sant Gwyl. The group meets at Ye Old Swan in Woughton on the Green at 6pm on the first Thursday of month. I am moving back to Wales next week so won’t be at any further meetings but if you’re interested in going let me know and I will put you in touch with the right people. NB John I won’t be able to join any of the Oxford walks, but if you’re ever in the Llandeilo area perhaps we could organise a walk? Cofion cynnes, Jan


In reply to John Arnold’s question about Dydd Gwyl Dafydd - St David’s Day in Milton Keynes 2019, I am not aware of any activities in Milton Keynes this year. I will be away at the Gwyl Ddewi Arall in Caernarfon, celebrating there. As Jan says, she is about to move to Wales but I will take over being the contact for the MK cylch siarad which as Jan says is the first Thursday of every month, in the old swan at Woughton at 6pm. However I cannot make the next meeting on the 7th March. Hope to meet you in the future.