Date announced. (unofficial) mini bootcamp. 17/03 - 19/03 now closed - place available!

Just to let people know, another reservation. 3 remaining but in the words of @aran don’t worry. If there are more takers i will do my utmost to accommodate

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Yes, please! And diolch yn fawr for choosing my only free weekend for the next six months, with hardly any prompting!


Amazing…one more confirmation needed and its on! I’ll leave this open till Sat/Sun and then confirm. Thank you all for your interest.

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Ok as it stands it may be full…just awaiting confirmation…but…if you want to come and can commit please ask…i can still find spaces.

I don’t make any money from this so please bear with me, but it looks like i may have 5 or 6 now including me.

I have a number of possible rentals still so as soon as i can commit for definite i will.

Thank you all who have messaged me.

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All, i hope to confirm our booking in the next 24 hours.

@BronwenLewis @Richmountart @raymondkefford @adrianbotwright

Bronwen you have your own room. Raymond you and your wife a double. Richard and adrian share. Adrian don’t worry if you can’t confirm.

Myself and partner have a double.

Its on anglesey near newborough. And with food should come in at £45 per person, maybe less. Seven people should make for a great weekend.

We have the whole house to ourselves. I will forward payment details in due course.

Diolch o galon. Dwi’n edrych ymlaen at cyfarfod pawb a dwi’n gobeithio bo’ chi’n mwynhau’r penwythnos.


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Dw i’n gyffrous iawn! I’ve loved saying this ever since the debate on the forum about this meaning ‘I’m very exciting!’, not ‘I’m very excited!’

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, and having a whole weekend hearing nothing but Welsh…


Same here.

To all who missed out if you’d be interested i’m looking at another the weekend of 12 - 14 May as it will be one year since i started learning.


Amazing. All paid for already. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


I definitely need this weekend to flick that ‘I can speak Welsh to people’ switch in my brain.
Twice in the last week I’ve had the chance to speak to first language speakers who I know well and would forgive me any mistakes and I’ve had a few other recent encounters with other Welsh speakers all of whom know I’m learning, and every time I’ve frozen, bottled it and spoken english, it’s all in there, it’s just not coming out yet in public!


It will…honestly. :slight_smile:


I go totally blank on Skype!! I think of all sorts I could have said once the call is over! I’m sure it’s easier at a face to face real life meeting, If there is a silence, you don’t feel you are obliged to fill it, that it’s your fault if nobody says anything. I’m hoping next Thursday’s group Skype will be like that!

Usually who’s that strange hwntw who speaks gog :wink:

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Gyda accent Port Talbot!!

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I suspect most of us still do that.

Cheers J.P.


Yes, I haven’t tried the Skype route and at the moment I’m sure that my brain would freeze on there as well! but then again, I’m not far off bottling a plum wine that’s been gently maturing for a few months, maybe a sip of that will unlock the flow of the lingo!

Yes, I think that it’s exactly whats needed now,

All, i have a place available £40.

Sadly you’ll have to share with me in bunk beds. With everyone else getting double or king sized beds i’ve taken the liberty of knocking a tenner off.

Included are breakfast and dinner.

Current itinerary

Friday get together meal followed by scrabble or gair am air
Saturday am after breakfast walk to beach and island off newborough
Saturday pm rugby in local pub
Saturday evening dinner
Sun morning breakfast, trip to rownd a rownd set. Coffee somewhere

Dates friday march 17 to sun march 19. location malltraeth.

Pm me if intetested.


You should celebrate St Patrick’s day on 17th! Have fun!

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Bump. One place still available.

Come to Ynys Môn. Eat Pasta. Drink wine. Play gair am air. Sing songs. Eat a hearty welsh breakfast. Visit Ynys Llanddwyn. Make Welsh cakes. Watch the six nations. Drink beer. Play scrabble. Eat lamb. Drink wine. Eat another breakfast. Visit the ‘rownd a rownd’ set. Drink coffee.

And all for £40!!!

Oh. And most importantly…


Edit…now includes a talk about the finds from Llyn Cerrig Bach by Elfyn Owen-Jones whose father discovered the artifacts. :slight_smile:


All ready to take the plunge into mini bootcamp.
I’ve managed to arrange things so that I can leave a bit earlier and will hopefully get a chance to do a bit of sketching/exploring/photographing on the way so I’m aiming to take a good 6 hours to get from Glyn Ceiriog to Ynys Mon!
My only issue at the moment is the cough/sore throat combo that has been my constant companion for the last week is still refusing to fully shift, so if I still sound a touch like Barry White tomorrow evening, that’s not normal for me!
It been great to have this weekend as a target to work towards, I’ve worked pretty hard over the last couple of weeks at level 2, so now it’s time to see if it comes out making sense and in approximately the correct order! Cymraeg unleased!
I’ll be bringing some of my home-cured bacon, not smoked as I have to rebuild my smoker, and a few other bits, but if there’s anything else thats needed let me know.
Looking forward to it.