Danger Mouse

With apologies to our overseas members - who will probably not be able to see this - I’ll just leave this here…



But Dangermouse will never be the same without David Jason voicing him!

Good job DM, tricky things those space bees.

I found this on YouTube (for those of us who don’t see on iPlayer) - the whole playlist of all new episodes

Danger Mouse 2015 - Playlist

Oh my goodness, I ADORED Danger Mouse…

Can I bring myself to watch a remake?

I have never seen Danger Mouse… too old I guess?? Or just very late getting TV? (Both true, no TV of my own until 1970 and no family TV until I moved out in 1962!!
Is this new series worth watching???
:thought_balloon: Thinks:- Will it get on S4C in Cymraeg, in which case it’s worth waiting!!!

Umm, well, if I remember correctly it was on in 70s or so. We had some episodes synchronized into Slovene and many more were synchronized into Croatian so I’ve seen quite some but to be honest I remember just tiny bits of the whole thing as I was a kid when it was on.

It appears to have made it in Gaelic going by iPlayer! So maybe it’s not of the question!

I remember watching Danger Mouse as a child in the mid 80’s. I have no idea when it first started, but it was very popular in the mid 80’s and the voice of Danger Mouse was provided by ‘Del Boy’ himself, David Jason.

I watched one episode with Toffi, ci fach. It was a bit grown-up and noisy for her, she prefers y dwysoges fach. My childhood ended in the mid-fifties!! (Except that it hasn’t actually ended, because I like Pws, Cagla and y dwysoges!!!) :wink: