Dan Roberts (Dan_JRoberts) Survey on Welsh

I know that we have a high number of parents in this category --you still count as a learner–with children in (or soon to be attending) Welsh-speaking schools. This would be great for you to contribute to.
Dan Roberts is working on a dissertation looking at the reasons non-Welsh speaking parents send their children to Welsh speaking schools. If you fit this criteria or know of anyone that does he would really appreciate it if you could complete a short survey located here.

The source tweet was here:

It would be great to see a number of SSiW community members represented!
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Perhaps also @neilrowlands Could do with knowing about this too…:+1:

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I didn’t feel I fitted his category as he wanted parents who didn’t speak Welsh at all and to me even as learners we do speak Welsh. Am I being too literal?

I read through the comments before I posted here, and I think so, yes (fortunately):

I did ask him, however, for clarification and will post here when he does!


The original Tweet has been removed…but that is not uncommon for Academic things!

If anyone is unsure of whether they qualify for contributing to his research, you can reach him via his email address which is located on the survey page-so please do drop him a line and contribute to the work if you are able to do so:

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