Daily welsh word

I was receiving a daily welsh word through twitter but it has stopped. How can I access it again? It was so helpful.

The account is still active, but hasn’t been updated since the 16th of last month.
I think it is Catrin who updates the daily Welsh words, but couldn’t confirm that for sure…

Thanks. Will keep an eye on site to see if it starts agaim

@Iestyn might be able to give a heads-up on the status of this… :sunny:

Thanks. How do I ask Iestyn?

Hi @lynw

What a coincidence! I’ve just seen your post, having been over on Twitter restarting Daily Welsh Words.

We had a month off in August, because of bootcamp, Eisteddfod, being away in France etc, and then I packed the kids off to school, sorted a couple of things out, and hey presto, suddenly it was the 12th October. I’m not sure where it went, but it’s gone!

Anyway, @DWW is back, so go fill your boots!


Oh yes, and I’m really glad it’s helping you. Our course gives you loads of patterns, and @DWW given you a bit more vocabulary, word by word. It’s good to know that it’s a good thing.


Diolch Iestyn. Still enjoying Say Something. Just about to start course 3. Getting there fesul tipyn.

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Of course @Iestyn it’s useful and interesting + gives SSiW a bit more extra presence and visibility in social network. Keep on doing the great work!