Daily Listening Exercises

I’ve made it to Level 2, but I’ll admit that I haven’t been following the daily listening exercises as religiously as possible.

I want to start off Level 2 right, but I’m not really sure where any of the listening exercises are. Can anyone help?

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Hi @ben-18!
Please, don’t skimp on the listening exercises - they are just so weirdly helpful - and you can have them on while doing something else, you don’t have to stop everything else to do them (possibly better if you are doing something else - walking/washing uo/… at the same time!). If you’re doing one of the courses with weekly emails, they will have given links to the exercises - but they crop up at the bottom of the page every 5th challenge - and you keep going on the same one until you reach the next one, 5 challenges later (hope that makes sense?).
=> if you’re just starting level 2, you’ll want listening exercise #5 from the end of level 1.
You’ll find it on the page for level 1 challenge 25.

Don’t worry about trying to take it all in/ understanding everything - that’s not the idea - and once you realise that, it’s much easier to listen/ let them happen as background. And they really do help. Definitely worth ‘trusting the process’ - but do shout out if anything’s giving you grief, as happens to us all somewhere along the line. I speak from near the end of level 3 - enjoy the journey :slight_smile:

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If you have an SSiW phone app, they should appear at the bottom of the screen that contains all the challenges/ lessons for a level - or they do on an ios app

Fab! Diolch yn fawr!


I’m guilty on not doing the exercises every day too, I really not to get into the habit.

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Could you put one on while doing something else that you do every day @jen (not something too noisy though!!)

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Yes. I have done but not often enough

Me: (doesn’t do listening exercises enough)
Me: (sometimes goes for long stretches without doing challenges)
Me: But listening to Welsh music counts as practising, right? :grinning: (blasts rock album)

Rock album?

Yep. Calfari, for example. Sŵnami has some rock, too. But lately I just keep replaying all of Calfari’s stuff.

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I’m trying to find some Welsh music I can get into the habit of listening to. I like classic rock and the band seether. Can’t really pin down what I like these days. Casi and the blind harpist is beautiful I like gwilym

Do you need a giant playlist? 'Cause I can give you a giant playlist. :joy:

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:rofl: I won’t say no to that. I started making one on YouTube but haven’t been listening to much and I had a free CD. I tend to listen to the same ones over and over usually the un bore mercher soundtrack