Daft question?

Ok… felly, I’m starting to wonder whether I might be getting a reputation for asking daft questions that probably don’t have definitive answers but here goes…

I’m a bit baffled by how, in everyday speech, people can hear the difference between ‘i’ and ‘ni’.

I’m referring to the many instances of phrases such as ‘on i’n siarad’ & ‘on n’in siarad’; ‘do’n i ddim’ & ‘do’ ni ddim’ ; 'hoffen i '& 'hoffen ni 'etc.

I can hear no distinguishable difference but obviously people must or they wouldn’t know whether I was referring to ‘I’ or ‘We’. I can’t imagine that context would resolve all instances so my question is…

Is there a very subtle difference that people can pick up on? If there is I’m missing it at the moment.

(What’s the Welsh for ‘ben alors’?)

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No such thing as a daft question!

And yes, these sounds are almost indistinguishable, if you’re not emphasising heavily - and people figure them out from context/expectations - every once in a blue moon you might need to ask for confirmation if a) you’re not sure and b) it particularly matters. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess it’s things like this that make byw mor ddiddorol!

Thanks Aran


Yn union! :slight_smile: