Cymry and London - well worth a watch before the Diwrnod Allan in London 23/11/19

There a very interesting program available on BBC iPlayer at the moment. It’s not new (2015) so many of you may have seen it but its a first time for me. The first episode is available on iplayer until 27/10/19. Its a very well presented series giving the historic connection between London and Wales/Cymry. Its presented by Huw Edwards yn y Cymraeg. He speaks at a very nice gentle pace and extremely clearly (as if he’s reading the news!) so it’s great for us learners and if you’re not happy to trust your Cymraeg yet, I guess there will be subtitles. It’s a great program to watch if you will be going to Nia’s next “Diwrnod Allan/Mas” in London on 23rd November. Be prepared :grin:!


Thank you @clare-6! I will watch that - hopefully see you there! :slight_smile:

Great if you will be there :blush:

I missed this post, but have just come across the program (Episode 2 is due to expire Monday 4/11, episode 3 up for longer) and was about to plug it – so, go me! late to the party :slight_smile:

Just wondering @johnwilliams_6 if you or any other Oxford people are planning to go up by car or by train? As @nia.llywelyn posted about meeting at St Pancras, I was thinking of booking train tickets and wondered if we might co-ordinate… (Having already arranged to stay with cousins on the 16th, before the date was changed - oops!)

Sorry @RichardBuck - I missed this one. I’m afraid, now the date’s changed, I won’t be able to make the Diwrnod Allan :disappointed: