Cymru glasgow

Wele, grŵp darllen cyntaf 2018! (Chi ’di bod yn aros am y trydariad ’ma’n ’do?) 7.30yh nos Iau, 1 Chwefror yn @CafeBennu. Beth i’w ddisgwyl? Stori a cherdd newydd bob mis, dim angen darllen unrhywbeth o flaen llaw, cwmni Cymry’r ddinas. Perffaith!

Don’t know if anyone near Glasgow may be interested in this-- I 've never managed to get to any of the reading club meetings ( held monthly) but its at cafe bennu near woodlands road, I think and its organized by casi dylan (more info on her twitter feed)


Although this would be most useful to those who have progressed on to reading in Welsh, if I lived in Glasgow and I didn’t know anyone to practise speaking with, I would be inclined to just go along and confess that I’m not up to reading but I’d really like someone to have a coffee and a chat with occasionally. You never know if you don’t try :slight_smile:

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