Cymraeg on The Archers

On The Archers this evening, Natasha Archer (née Thomas) spoke to her mother in Welsh.

Any help with the translation?!

It’s basically small talk, so people who don’t understand Welsh don’t lose vital parts of the plot.

First bit at 5:55
“Haia … na, na, fi’n iawn. Ni yn yr ysbyty nawr, popeth yn barod am ‘fory. Arhosa funud – (bit in English with Tom) – na, mae Tom wedi mynd am nôl baned i fi. Ta be’, shwt wyt ti, mam?”
Second bit, at 8:15 –
“Mam, wi’n gwetho ti, so ti’di clywed shwt rhegi yn dy fyw! Rhaid i fi fynd mam, mae Tom yn ôl a mae’n rhoi evil eye i fi. Caru ti, mam, ta-ra”

Hi, no, no, I’m fine…We are in the hospital now, everything’s ready for tomorrow. Hold on a minute – no, Tom has went to fetch me a cuppa. Anyway, how are you, mam?
Mam, I’m telling you, you haven’t heard swearing like that in your life! I gotta go, Tom is back and he’s giving me the evil eye. Love you, bye.

Please allow me to remark that you could have helped us to help you by providing the time-stamps in question yourself, instead of forcing anyone willing to help you to listen to the whole episode.

Brilliant! Thanks very much Hendrik. :slightly_smiling_face:

And yes, sorry, I could’ve helped by listening again to note the time-stamps. I was just so excited to hear Welsh on The Archers!

I only gleaned a tiny amount from listening live, and now you’ve transcribed the whole thing, I don’t think I would’ve discerned a lot of the words she was saying, even the ones I know. Natural speech like that is still a struggle for me to parse.