Cymraeg 2050 Grant Scheme

I’ve just seen this in a work email and after running it by @aran, thought it good to post generally here in case it can be utilised to fund any of the ideas we come up with. There must be some members who know how to jump through these hoops to get slices of cake without their brains turning to mush!


What’s the current state of play on the voting, @leiafee? Do we have some clear front-runners? Might one of them be a fit with this? :slight_smile:

state of play on the voting

Sorry for twpness - what voting? - something I’ve missed on Trello?

Not Trello - Leia set up a voting system - can’t hunt for the link right now (in the middle of an intensive, and we’re just about to break for lunch!) - but it should be in here somewhere in the ‘Million Speakers Project’ area… :slight_smile:

Diolch Aran - I’ll look for it.

we’re just about to break for lunch!

“lunch is for wimps” :smile:

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Just summarised in new thread: Projects

I think it’s fairly obvious there’s a place there for tech to address it.

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No idea how I missed this useful opportunity to vote but I did - Sori.

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By the way, it was circulated in my work because our digital department was looking for ideas that the company might be able to go after. I haven’t said anything about ideas posted here (because for a start they’re not my ideas!) but if the consensus should be to try to collaborate or co-produce, I’d be happy to pass on contact details to the relevant people here in Cwmni Da if the time comes (but I’ll await further instruction!).


I think that kind of collab could be very valuable, myself.


A few points from reading their information for grant applications document

  • £300,000 is available in total
  • Max of £20,000 available per application
  • Applications need to be submitted by 22 Sep 2017
  • Applications can only be made by organisations, not individuals. So a company like SSiW, or a group like Merched Y Wawr, would have to make the application
  • They will "consider applications from new organisations, or from organisations which are on the verge of being set up but which have not formalised their status". Meaning - I guess - that the Newport branch of SSiW could set up a not for profit group and apply for grant money for a project.

But the main point from reading the guidelines is that the project has to be innovative.