Cymdeithas yr Iaith - Cwrs Cymraeg Bethesda

There is a weekend event in Bethesda on September 7th organised by Cymdeithas yr Iaith. It’s £70 bed and breakfast. I’ve booked on to it but don’t know much else about what happens or the group themselves.
Looking on this forum some people went last year and it sounds really good. Lots of Cymraeg as you’d expect, food, beer and fun with trips out.

Looks like there are still places left if anyone else wants to come. If you live local it’s only £40 without accommodation.


I know nothing about it either except that’s a really cheap B&B deal in North Wales.
I hope they will be open to hwntws gate crashing as I’ve just booked on the spur of the moment.:open_mouth:
Thanks for the heads up. :+1:t2:


ooh come! I’m going too.


Great news be nice to catch up. :sunglasses:

This is what @Sam84 said about the last one in Bethesda. Cymdeithas yr Iaith Learners Weekend in Caerdydd

Don’t know if that link will actually work as it has me as a user in the url. If not just search on Bethesda.

Great to know other SSIWs are going to be there.


The link worked fine, I, (like one of them) come from Pembrokeshire too. Look forward to meeting you soon. :+1:t2:

i’ve booked on to this as a local, but may not be able to make a part of saturday, will be good to meet you both! :slight_smile:


I’m booked on it too – the Facebook page lists 14 attending, and by my reckoning more than half of those are either the organisers or else SSiW folks!


Hopefully a few more sign up. The more the merrier and it is so cheap.
It will be nice to meet fellow SSIWers too. :sunglasses:

Well, I don’t know what their capacity is, and there’s no guarantee that everyone who’s going has been willing to tell Facebook that they are, so there may be more – I was just Facebook-stalking those who had said because I’m getting excited/nervous/curious :slight_smile:

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When I booked on the 13th August the reply was that they’d still got spaces left so tell your friends. I guess they’ll be chuffed if there are quite a few learners.

will be great to see so many SSIWers…can we arrange to carry a copy of golwg or something, so we know each other?? my last arrangement didn’t go so well…how i managed to miss TWELVE SSIWers is beyond me!!! :slight_smile:


Haha not 12 SSiwers last time, at least 4 mixed with 8 other people. We should soon work it out after the introductions. Having pseudonyms on this forum doesn’t help things. :joy::joy:

What’s golwg? :smiley:

golwyg 360 is a welsh magazine, you can read it online or buy a paper copy… lol, yes, pseudonyms are very confusing, i’m deb :slight_smile:

Ha Hi Deb, I still hope to change my name on here one day. I have a copy of Golwg with Geraint Thomas on the cover but I think we will find fellow SSIWers by the way we speak having came through the same lessons. I am going to listen to a few northern lessons as I think I will be outnumbered and maybe a bit bamboozled otherwise. :+1:t2:

fyddi di’n real boi! (you’ll be fine!)

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Apparently it’s sold out now!

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Woohoo. See you tomorrow :eye:

Next one’s coming up at the end of October in Wrecsam, places still available:

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