Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd events - perfect opportunity to speak Welsh

Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd is a Welsh medium, natural history organization established by Dafydd Davies, Rhandirmwyn in 1978 for people who appreciate and want to learn more about the natural environment, geography and heritage of their country. It is named after Edward Llwyd (1660 -1709) the Welsh natural historian, geographer, linguist, and antiquary.

Field trips are held most Saturdays in each of three geographic areas: South and Mid Wales, North East Wales and Gwynedd and Anglesey. The field trips are led by people with a specialised and local knowledge of the flora, fauna and history of the area. Welsh learners are always welcome to join the field trips.

The society publishes two journals twice yearly. “Y Cylchlythyr” is a newsletter informing members about the society’s day to day activities and “Y Naturiaethwr” (The Naturalist) includes more substantial articles about various aspects of the natural world.


The North - East. Y Gogledd - Ddwyrain
Gwynedd a Môn

Y De a’r Canolbarth - South and Mid Wales

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This Weekend

Y De a’r Canolbarth

13 Tachwedd Llandeilo a’r cyrion

Cylchdaith gymedrol tua 6 milltir yn cynnwys Castell a Pharc Dinefwr.

Man cyfarfod: Maes parcio ger gorsaf y rheilffordd SA19 6ND SN634226

Arweinydd Richard Davies

Gwynedd a Môn

13 Tachwedd Ardal Dolwyddelan Cylchdaith yn ardal Dolwyddelan Tirwedd Amrywiol ar lwybrau’r fro. Peth dringo. Gall fod yn wlyb mewn rhai mannau. 5-6 milltir

Man cyfarfod: Gorsaf Drenau Dolwyddelan LL25 0TJ SH737521

Elizabeth Jones 01492 640114

Iona Evans 01745 860660

Gogledd Dwyrain

Tach 13eg Ardal Llaneurgain

Taith hamddenol, goedwigol, rhan o Glawdd Wat ag ardal Gwysane. Tua 5m. Maes parcio ger y groesffordd a’r goleuadau. SJ2456

Ray Humphreys 01244 529915

Absolutely! I’ve joined a number of their field trips over the past 7-8 years and they’ve always been very welcoming. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fi hefyd. Me too.

There’s a good article about them this month in the Lingo Newydd magazine.

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